Bellingham Community Pantry

NT&RCP is in the process of setting up a Community Pantry in Bellingham.

The aim of the Pantry is to fight food waste and support local people. It will do this by collecting surplus food from businesses, restaurants, cafes and individual residents, then making it available free of charge to anyone who can make use of the food. 

The Community Pantry will be housed in a purpose built unit outside the Reed Hall, making it easily accesssible to everyone in the village. It is expected to be open from 8am to 6pm every day. It will contain a fridge, freezer and shelving. 

Strict monitoring guidelines based on advice from the Food Standards Agency and the Northumberland County Council's Environmental Health Team ensure the fridge operates to the highest quality standards. We will have trained volunteers and the Pantry will be inspected by NCC as if it was any other food provider. 


Benefits to your business from being involved

A free service collecting foor that would otherwise be thrown away, helping your business become zero waste.

An opportunity to extend your positive social impact on Bellingham and the wider area, supporting the lcoal community. 

The chance to be credited as a business champion in the Community Pantry's promotional materials, online pages, press and on the building signs that every user will see.


What will the process be?

Volunteers would visit daily (or at whatever time and interval was most appropriate for your business) and would transport any surplus food you had available that would otherwise be wasted to be places into the Community Pantry. 

For chilled or frozen items, the volunteers would use a chiller bag to ensure that it was transported safely. 


What could be collected by the Community Pantry?

  • Fruit and vegetables (packaged or otherwise)‚Äč
  • Dairy
  • Pre-packaged meat or processed food as long as the packaging is unopened and there is at least a day left on the "Use By"date.
  • Dairy and other foods that are at their "Best Before" that would be going to waste would be able to be accepted by the Community Pantry, as lng as they are still of useable quality.
  • Goods cooked on your premesis that would otherwise be wasted at the end of the dat - e.g. baked goods, mains, soups, etc. These items would need to be packaged in some way and would need to be labelled with your business name, allergens and any reheating instructions, as wall as a use by date. The Community Pantry will be able to offer packaging and stickers to make this process as easy as possible.



This project could make a real difference to Bellingham and we hope to use this as a gateway to expanding our offering of social support to residents of all ages and backgrounds across the area. 

We also feel that it could be of benefit to your business and we really hope you will partner with us on this initiative. 


What to do next

If you would like to partner with us or get involved as a volunteerr, please email ben@ntrcp.org and we will arrange a time to discuss the scheme with you further.


Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities

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